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Rider's Legs
Photo courtesy of Mary Kimball.
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Coming Together
By Ed McNelis

Our state has a large variety of horse activity for the participation and enjoyment of our citizens and visitors. We have over 400 days of Rodeo each year in our state. Races are held at Les Bois Park and at County Fairs across our state. Youth are engaged in horse activities in all corners of our state. We have a huge ratio of horses to people. Our horse industry has huge economic and social impact on our communities.

The Idaho Horse Council is the leader of the equine industry in our state. They engage the University of Idaho to produce a horse census for our state. is study and publication shows the huge size of our industry. The industry is over a billion dollar economic influence and greatly impacts the entire economy.

The horse industry is part of agriculture which is the number one industry in our state. Idaho is located in the center of the Inter-mountain Region and is positioned to be center of the industry in the region.

The unfortunate issue of the overturning of Historic Racing due to the untimely delivery of the Governor’s veto has seriously harmed the entire industry. The industry needs Historic Racing to save racing, develop and to help expand the equine industry, promote economic growth and enhance lives.

The Governor’s veto outlined issues that need to be included in legislation for Historic Racing. One of the points was the establishment of a Gaming Commission for the State. Governor Otter understands and appreciates the horse industry and its contribution to our citizens and state.

Surrounding states have passed Historic Racing and are positioned to fill the void produced by the absence of this program in Idaho. Without Historic Racing, racing in our state will disappear. With this program, our state and communities will enjoy economic expansion. Breeding programs will expand. Youth will benefit greatly. Idaho will become the leader in the Northwest Region for quality horses and activities. The Equine Industry deserves to be treated fairly and be allowed to compete on a level playing field. is program will develop, retain and return all money to our state and economy.

Each new dollar generated by this program will turn over five to seven times – causing economic growth in our communities. The horse industry is a clean business that uses huge amounts of agriculture products and generates economic activity in our communities and state.

Each of us needs to become engaged in the process to pass Historic Racing. We need to encourage our friends and neighbors to join with us. is is Idaho and all this is part of our heritage and future. The development and growth of the equine industry is a large part of using existing resources to develop one of our basic industries.